In the Life Presents: "The Right to Live"

In this month's episode of In the Life, a documentary-based program that focuses on issues surrounding the LGBT community, an epidemic coined 'bullycides' is addressed by the families most affected by it. A bullycide, or a suicide resulting from excessive bullying, can be attributed to a child's perceived sexuality. Featured in this segment is Sirdeaner Walker, the mother of Carl Joseph Walker Hoover, an 11 year old boy who committed suicide resulting from  anti-gay taunts from his classmates. The segment seeks to address an often disregarded issue facing LGBT youth who are bullied, and the toll it takes on a child's mental well-being.

Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover committed suicide after getting bullied for being gay

Parents like Sirdeaner Walker are coming to the forefront to prevent bullycides from becoming a widespread epidemic, by working to get legislation passed to protect children like Carl from suicide resulting from bullying. Also featured in this episode is a focus on the state of Ohio's lack of legislation to protect LGBT people.  In Ohio, it remains legal to fire an employee based solely on their sexuality or gender identity, unmarried LGBT people cannot obtain domestic partner benefits, and it is impossible for transgender Ohioans to change their sex on their birth certificates. Several LGBT activists from organizations like Equality Ohio are interviewed, discussing  Ohio's legalized discrimination and what they have planned for the future of LGBT Ohioans. Check your local listings for airings of this month's In the Life to learn more about these pressing issues that face our community, or visit the series' official website.