GLAAD Trained Couples First to Wed as Ceremonies Begin in D.C.

Today marks the first day that same-sex couples can legally marry in Washington, D.C.  After applying for marriage licenses last Wednesday, couples were finally able to be married this morning.  First among these pioneering gay and lesbian couples to say their vows and have their marriage license signed were Sinjoyla Townsend and Angelisa Young, one of the couples for whom GLAAD was happy to provide media training and assistance on the ground over the past week.

Sinjoyla Townsend (L) and Angelisa Young (

Working in conjunction with Campaign for All DC Families, GLAAD's Senior Media Field Strategist, Adam Bass, is present at the Equality Center--  where the first ceremonies are taking place – and live tweeting the historic and touching moments from the proceedings.  At 8:30 this morning the marriage licenses for those who applied last Wednesday were available for couples to pick up.  By 10:45 am EST Sinjoyla and Angelisa were married, and at 11:00 am their license was signed, making the bond official.

Rocky Galloway (L) and Reginald Stanley with Rev. Sylvia E. Sumter (AP)

Following that ceremony, Rocky Galloway and Reggie Stanley and then Candy Holmes and Darlene Garner became the second and third same-sex couples to legally wed in the nation’s capital city.  Jessica Gresko of the Associated Press described 100 guests sitting on white chairs, surrounded by snapdragons, roses, and carnations as the pastor pronounced the couples “partners in life this day and for always.” These first marriages were highly celebrated, and  AP also talked to many same-sex couples who planned to wed at the courthouse over the next weeks.  The courthouse, which normally holds 3-4 weddings each day is expecting 10-12 per day over the next several weeks.

Darlene Garner (L) and Candy Holmes (AP)

GLAAD applauds the media for its extensive coverage of this historic moment and congratulates all those couples who are paving the way toward full marriage equality.