UPDATE: Life & Style Continues to Stand By Problematic "Experts"

March 8, 2010
Last week we reported that the latest issue of Life & Style magazine features a cover story that claims actress Angelina Jolie is turning Shiloh, her daughter with Brad Pitt, into a boy. The cover asks "Is it harming the three-year-old?" referring to the child's short haircut, pants and polo shirt and also cites several so-called “experts,” like Glenn Stanton from the virulently anti-gay Focus on the Family who says: “They need help, they need guidance of what that looks like. It’s important to teach our children that gender distinction is very healthy.” Since the story broke, Alana Kelen, a VH1 stylist who was one of the "experts" cited by the magazine, has distanced herself from her quote, claiming that she was misquoted. However, Life & Style publicist Lindsay Ferraro says in an email to GLAAD that Kelen’s quote is accurate. Per Ferraro, Kelen’s comment was "I definitely think that Shiloh is pushing the boundaries of a tomboy look and crossing over to cross-dresser territory. The neckties just put it a bit over the edge, mostly because boys themselves rarely sport ties.” Kelen stands by her claim that she was being manipulated by the magazine. More troubling then their specious quoting, however, is the fact that Life & Style continues to defend their decision to seek out Focus on the Family for their opinion when in fact the anti-gay organization is not at all qualified to comment on what is healthy or unhealthy for Shiloh. Life & Style is still not getting the message and we must continue our efforts until they do. We urge community members to continue to tweet the following message from their Twitter accounts: "Tell @Life_and_Style that Focus on the Family employees aren't "experts" in raising children http://bit.ly/cH0o1N #LGBT" We also urge you to reach out to Life & Style directly to voice your concerns about this highly problematic article: Dan Wakeford, Life & Style: Editor-in-Chief dwakeford@bauer-usa.com Lindsey Ferraro, Life & Style: Publicity Manager lferraro@bauer-usa.com (201) 569-6699 x 648 Sarah Drabick Life & Style: Associate Publicist sdrabick@bauer-usa.com The headquarters for Bauer Publishing (which includes an Entertainment Division that is the home of Life & Style and InTouch) is: 270 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 Tel: (201) 569-6699 Fax: (201) 510-3297