What to Watch: This Weekend (February 26-28)

Gay gladiator Barca plans an escape in the name of love on Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Kevin rethinks his career on Brothers & Sisters! Friday, February 26 9:00 pm Shameless, Sundance (1 hr) NEW Mandy goes on a great date, but soon enough, things take a terrible turn for the worst. Also features gay son Ian, Ian’s bisexual mother, Monica, her ex-girlfriend, Norma, and Mickey, the gay son of a local gangster. 9:00 pm Caprica, SyFy (1 hr) NEW Tamara makes some new gamer friends, while Will and Joseph let it all out on a fishing trip, and Daniel fights for what he believes in. Also features gay mobster, Sam Adama.

Gay gladiator Barca sees freedom and love in his future.

10:00 pm Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Starz (1 hr) NEW The slaves go all out for love this week, as gay gladiator and bodyguard Barca schemes to escape with his enslaved lover, Pietros. Will their dreams for love outside of enslavement become a reality? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saturday, February 27 9:00 pm Survivors, BBC America (1 hr) NEW Abby finds a new, well-equipped community led by a surviving government member, while Greg and Tom come across a family who is virus-free. Also features Anya, a doctor who lost her girlfriend as a result of a worldwide epidemic. 11:00 pm The Wanda Sykes Show, Fox (1 hr) NEW Move over Leno! The queen of funny is taking over with her own late night talk show! Don’t miss Wanda comment on everything from news, politics, sports, and pop culture mixed with field pieces, comedy segments, and panel discussions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday, February 28 8:00 pm Amazing Race 16, CBS (1 hr) NEW The nine teams head to Argentina! Tune in to find out which team heads to the ER. Features lesbian couple Brandy and Carol, as well as gay brother, Jordan Pious.

Will the Tool Academy's first lesbian shape up?

9:00 pm Tool Academy, VH1 (1 hr) NEW This week, the tools, including “lady loving tool” Courtney and her girlfriend, have some issues with the criticism they receive from a focus group. 9:00 pm Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr) NEW Gaby stays with Bob and Lee after Celia gets the chicken pox, while Tom and Lynette forget Penny’s birthday. Bree gets a new employee, and Angie is concerned with Danny’s disappearance. 10:00 pm Brothers & Sisters, ABC (1 hr) NEW Luc, who’s convinced Sarah is the one, has Visa troubles, while Rebecca struggles with her recent loss. Openly gay Kevin thinks about a career change, and Holly digs for answers. Also features Kevin’s partner, Scotty, and Uncle Saul.