NCAA Scraps Focus on the Family Ad because of the Group's Anti-Gay Stance

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has pulled an ad from its website that was produced by the conservative Christian group ‘Focus on the Family’ because of that group’s anti-gay stance. According to The Associated Press, “the NCAA made the decision after some of its members — including faculty and athletic directors — expressed concern that the evangelical group's stance against gay and lesbian relationships conflicted with the NCAA's policy of inclusion regardless of sexual orientation.” Interestingly, the NCAA website is maintained by CBS Sports and the ad was part of Focus on the Family’s Superbowl advertising package.  That deal ignited controversy earlier this month after CBS aired a ‘Focus on the Family’ anti-abortion ad during Superbowl XLIV. the AP reports, however, that while CBS sells ads for the NCAA website, the NCAA has the final word in deciding which ads appear on the site. To read more about GLAAD’s work to demand higher standards in CBS’ advertising, click here. According to the AP, The ad pulled by the NCAA, “featured a father holding his son and the words, ‘All I want for my son is for him to grow up knowing how to do the right thing.’”  It also “included the address of Focus on the Family’s Web site and the slogan, ‘Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life.’” Blogger Jeremy Hooper at writes that ‘Focus on the Family’ is denying that the NCAA had any credible reason to pull the ad, but notes also how the group fails to acknowledge the overwhelming amount of anti-gay content on its own site. NCAA spokesperson Bob Williams said that “the decision to pull the ad was based not on the message but on the messenger.” GLAAD will continue to follow the media’s coverage of the NCAA’s decision to pull advertising produced by the anti-gay group ‘Focus on the Family’. Updates can be found on