ABC's Supernanny Seeks Same Sex Families

ABC's hit parenting show, Supernanny, is searching for same sex couples with kids who need a nanny intervention!

Will Jo Frost come to your household to tell your kids who's boss?

Do your children backtalk, sass, stomp, and scream when they don't get their way? Then send ABC's #1 nanny, Jo Frost, to whip them into shape! ABC is looking for same sex parents of children from toddlers to teens in the Northern California area for a future episode of Supernanny, that will provide visibility to an often underrepresented kind of family. If you and your partner need a solution to your problem child's shenanigans and live in Northern California, contact Supernanny casting for your chance to be featured on an upcoming episode. Supernanny Casting: (323) 785-1051 or email