What to Watch: This Weekend (February 19-21)

Tool Academy's first lesbian tool gets caught red handed, and an  former exotic dancer adds some spice to Wysteria Lane on Desperate Housewives! Friday, February 19 8:00 pm Shameless, Sundance (1 hr) NEW Tensions flare between Yvonne and her kids, and Stan is stuck in the middle.  Also features gay son Ian, Ian’s bisexual mother, Monica, her ex-girlfriend, Norma, and Ian’s love interest, Mickey. 9:00 pm Caprica, SyFy (1 hr) NEW Joseph tries to stop gay mobster Sam Adama from killing Amanda, while Daniel goes on a talk show. 10:00 pm Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Starz (1 hr) NEW Spartacus and Crixus are in trouble this week, while Batiatus gets the opportunity that may give him the fortune he so desperately wants. Features gay gladiator, Barca, and stars out actor Craig Parker as Claudius. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sade performs on The Wanda Sykes Show this week!

Saturday, February 20 11:00 pm The Wanda Sykes Show, Fox (1 hr) NEW Move over Leno! The queen of funny is taking over with her own late night talk show! Don’t miss Wanda comment on everything from news, politics, sports, and pop culture mixed with field pieces, comedy segments, and panel discussions. Music sensation Sade performs this week! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday, February 21 8:00 pm Amazing Race 16, CBS (1 hr) NEW Adrian and Dana couldn’t make the cut last week-- will lesbian team Brandy and Carol be next? The remaining teams leave Valpariaiso, Chile for the next leg of the race. Also tune in for openly gay Jordan Pious and his brother. 8:00 pm The Simpsons, Fox (30 mins) NEW Lisa researches the history of her southern ancestors helped a slave to freedom. Features gay characters, Smithers and Patty.

Gay designer Eduardo Xol adds some pizazz this week on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

8:00 pm Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC (1 hr) NEW The team, including gay designer Eduardo Xol, redesign the home of Tobin and Jill, who share their love of music with the community. 9:00 Tool Academy, VH1 (1 hr) NEW This week, the tools’ cheating ways are in the spotlight, and their partners watch them getting caught in the act! Will Courtney, the Academy’s first “lady loving tool” be able to salvage her relationship? 9:00 pm Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr) NEW Robin, a former stripper, gets some attention on Wysteria Lane, while Lynette has to keep watch over three teenage boys. Katherine looks for a friend, while Gabrielle struggles with her rowdy niece. 9:00 pm Big Love, HBO (1 hr) NEW Closeted Alby struggles with a recent tragedy while Bill and Joey go to Mexico to help Lois and Frank and Margene does her best to prevent Ana from leaving. And tune in to see what surprise is in store for Barb and Tommy! 9:30 pm American Dad!, Fox (1 hr) NEW Omnisexual alien Roger confesses that he used to be a steroid abuser on the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, while Reginald tries to woo Hayley. 10:00 pm Brothers & Sisters, ABC (1 hr) NEW It’s back! Sarah’s long lost love returns, while the Walkers share their love and loss together for Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Kitty re-enters politics, this time as a candidate with new campaign manager, and Justin and Rebecca struggle with their future as parents. Also features gay couple, Scotty and Kevin, as well as Uncle Saul.