Comedy Central's Daniel Tosh Crosses the Line with Transphobic Jokes on Tosh.0

Bil Browning from The Bilerico Project recently alerted GLAAD to a problematic episode of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, a program that features comedian Daniel Tosh's opinions about online media, pop culture, and celebrity news. Tosh crossed the line late last month with a severely transphobic segment in which he continuously made degrading remarks about a video featuring “The World’s Tallest Model,” articulating crude insinuations about her gender identity and her anatomy. The segment can be viewed below:
World's Tallest Model
In the clip, Tosh shoots out rapid fire offensive jokes such as, “the worst thing about being so tall is that it makes your d*ck look small,” and “like most models, I assume they photoshop her d*ck out.” Although GLAAD recognizes that there is a time and place for appropriate humor and satire, this kind of blatantly offensive material cannot be tolerated in a climate that remains extremely transphobic. It contributes to putting transgender people in harm's way. GLAAD will be monitoring Tosh.0 for anti-LGBT content and urges you to do the same. If you see offensive material, fill out an incident report at or e-mail Should offensive material continue to air, GLAAD will be working with Bil Browning and others to call out Comedy Central for giving a platform to anti-transgender humor.