Valentine's Day Features Well-Done Gay Storyline

February 11, 2010
Earlier this week, GLAAD had the opportunity to attend a private screening of Valentine's Day, the star-packed new film from longtime LGBT ally Garry Marshall. The film has recently come under fire from various outlets for allegedly "degaying" the film's trailer to eliminate any mention of the gay storyline to make the film more marketable. Having seen the film and spoken with New Line, it is clear that this is not the case. On Monday, we will have a more detailed blog post revealing more about the gay storyline in Valentine's Day. Although other blogs have revealed some major aspects, New Line has asked that we refrain from ruining the surprise for anyone not in the know. What we can say is that the gay plot is in fact intended as a surprise and is not completely revealed until the film's final act, which is why no overtly gay content was shown in the film's trailer. Due to the nature of the story, LGBT viewers should not go in expecting a drawn-out, passionate love story. However, one of the gay character's stories is actually timely and groundbreaking and the final scene is very genuine and tender. All told, Valentine's Day is great film to share with your significant other or your friends this holiday weekend. Once you've seen it, check back next week for our more thorough take on Valentine's Day's gay plotline.