What to Watch: Wednesday, February 10

Christine wants a baby this week on The New Adventures of Old Christine, Mitchell and Cameron get Manny a date on Modern Family, and The Robert Verdi Show premieres! Wednesday, February 10 8:00 pm The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS (30 min) NEW New Christine and Richard plan for their new baby, making Christine green with envy, leading her to ask Richard to help her become pregnant. Also stars out comedian Wanda Sykes.

Angel's skills are put to the test when he is assigned to the ER at Mercy

8:00 pm Mercy, NBC (1 hr) NEW Veronica goes on her first official date with Sands, but things take a disastrous turn, while Dr. Briggs assigns Chloe and gay nurse Angel to the ER. Sonia bonds with a patient’s wealthy son. 9:00 pm American Idol, Fox (1 hr) NEW Ellen DeGeneres is a staple on the judging panel as the competition heats up in the second heat of the Hollywood round! 9:00 pm Modern Family, ABC (30 min) NEW Primetime’s funniest gay couple, Cameron and Mitchell are at it again, this time setting Manny up on a date. Jay takes Gloria to see David Brenner (as himself) at a comedy show, while Phil and Claire try to heat things up for their holiday. 10:00 pm Ugly Betty, ABC (30 min) NEW Betty pegs a new designer as a must see, and Claire’s son comes looking for her. Meanwhile, Amanda gets a new business partner, and havoc hits the Suarez house! 10:00 pm Nip/Tuck, FX (1 hr) NEW Sean and Christian start seeing a therapist, and lesbian anesthesiologist Liz joins them.

Mike's date with a guy leaves him confused this week on The Real World DC

10:00 pm High School Reunion, TV Land (1 hr) NEW John is confronted by Tracy, while Lori questions if her fling is worthwhile. Rachelle’s ex-husband shows up, causing her to worry about her relationship with Joe. Features Eric, who was often taunted for being gay in high school. 10:00 pm The Real World: Washington D.C., MTV (1 hr) NEW Mike goes on a date with a guy, which leaves him confused about his bisexuality, while tensions flare between Ashley and Erica. 10:00 pm Shear Genius, Bravo (1 hr) NEW This week the contestants face a color-repair challenge, having to fix some seriously dye-damaged locks. Will gay contestants Brian and Matthew get chopped? 10:30 pm The Robert Verdi Show Starring Robert Verdi, Logo (30 min) SERIES PREMIERE Follow gay style expert Robert Verdi and his team as they try to fulfill Verdi’s every fleeting desire to earn more fame, fortune, and free stuff.