What to Watch: Monday, February 8

It's all about Cuddy this week on House, and don't miss the queens trying out a different kind of performance on RuPaul's Drag Race! Monday, February 8 8:00 pm How I Met Your Mother, CBS (30 min) NEW Lily and Marshall have a week to find the perfect blind date for Ted on Valentine’s day, while Robin is invited to her intolerable colleague’s party. Guest stars Jim Nantz and Phil Sims star as themselves, providing commentary on Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) dates. 8:00 pm House, Fox (1 hr) NEW An episode focused on Cuddy as she tries to focus on work while dealing with her own personal problems. Features bisexual MD, Thirteen. 8:00 pm The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW Amy goes to Ricky for advice on kissing in hopes of mending things between her and Jimmy, while Anne suggests that she and George go to therapy together. Also, Adrian wants to meet Ricky’s foster parents, and the school hosts a mother-daughter dance. Features Ashley’s openly gay friend, Griffin.

Calvin asks Rusty for help this week on GREEK

9:00 pm RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo (1 hr) NEW The drag drama continues in the second episode of the new season, when the ladies get schooled in pole dancing for a burlesque performance. Joining in on the judging is comedienne Kim Coles and burlesque icon, Dita Von Teese. 9:00 pm 24, Fox (1 hr) NEW President Taylor’s (out actress Cherry Jones) agenda is questioned by the United Nations, while Jack goes undercover in order to get his hands on a potentially deadly substance. 9:00 pm Heroes, NBC (1 hr) SEASON FINALE The finale is here! Noah and Claire are trapped underground and must fight to survive, while Hiro is a hero and works to stop a major catastrophe. And you’ll never guess who helps Peter save Emma! Features Emma's lesbian buddy, Gretchen. 10:00 pm GREEK, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW Casey and Cappie find themselves on opposing teams for a softball tournament, while Rusty struggles to be an effective pledge educator. Evan doesn’t understand Rebecca’s views on love, and openly gay Calvin asks Rusty for a favor. 10:00 pm Kell on Earth, Bravo (1 hr) NEW The Hills star Kelly Cutrone is a single mother and founder of a fashion PR agency, and can't pull all of it off without the help of her wacky employees. This week, Kelly pulls off a stunning presentation for a new client. Features Kelly’s gay assistant, Andrew.