Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond Discusses Race and LGBT Equality on "In The Life"

NAACP Chairman and civil rights icon Julian Bond will be featured on a 15-minute segment of “In The Life Presents: Best of a Conversation With …”, airing on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Bond sits down with Jonathan Capehart, editorial writer for the Washington Post to discuss his successful career tenure with the NAACP and the push for LGBT rights, including marriage equality. Bond’s persistence to speak in favor of LGBT equality has been criticized by some black activists because of his comparison of anti-gay sentiments to racist overtures that were endured by blacks during the civil rights movement. In 2009, he testified before New Jersey’s Senate Judiciary Committee on marriage equality, stating:
“Black people, of all people, should not oppose equality. And that is what gay marriage represents. It does not matter the rationale – religious, cultural, pseudo-scientific. No people of good will should oppose marriage equality.  And they should not think civil unions are a substitute. At best, civil unions are separate but equal. And we all know separate is never equal.”
He continues:
“It’s not that these movements are taking from us because the black movement took from other movements before us. We took from the labor movement. And I never heard anyone from the labor movement complaining about this. We ought to be proud of this and say, ‘Look what we did. We created a model that other people are following.’”
Bond has traveled around the country to advocate against anti-marriage equality amendments in multiple states. His most notable work  with national LGBT organizations includes guest speaking at the Creating Change conference in Dallas and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) gala in Los Angeles. In 2009, Bond and California NAACP Chairwoman Alice Huffman became co-chairs of the LGBT Equality Task Force, which is the result of a combined partnership with the NAACP and the National Black Justice Coalition. GLAAD continues to applaud this spectacular news program, which highlights pressing issues facing the LGBT community through captivating interviews with pioneers of the LGBT movement. For airtimes on your local PBS affiliate, visit In the Life’s official website. View the trailer below: [youtube=] About In The Life: In The Life Media produces media that produces change for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. In an era of sound bite news, inch-deep celebrity profiles and reality shows, our public television series, IN THE LIFE, documents the full range of the gay experience and the issues that impact our lives and our communities through stories on politics and public policy, personal and community health, religion and spirituality, and more. (Source: In The Life)