What to Watch: This Weekend (January 22-24)

Start the weekend off right with the series premieres of Caprica and Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Friday! Then on Sunday, find out if guilt or love will prevail with Alby this week on Big Love. Friday, January 22

Sam Adama is an openly gay assassin on SyFy's Caprica.

9:00 pm Caprica, SyFy (2 hrs) SERIES PREMIERE This prequel to the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica follows two families living on a colony called Caprica, on the verge of possible destruction resulting from a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Features Sam Adama, an openly gay enforcer of a criminal organization. 10:00 pm Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Starz (1 hr) SERIES PREMIERE This bold, adrenaline pumping new drama premieres this week. Batiatus goes to extreme measures to make his gladiators the best, while Spartacus shows off his new armor (and physique) at the gladiator games. Meanwhile, the cunning Lucretia uses her beauty to her advantage. Also features Barca, a gay gladiator, in a relationship with another slave. 10:00 pm Shameless, Sundance (1 hr) NEW Bisexual Monica gets an unexpected visit from her Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother after 20 years, and Stan tells Yvonne how he really feels about their no-strings-attached relationship. Shane and Mickey throw a party when Patty and Mimi are away, but they need a plan to be able to afford the booze and drugs required. The show also features gay son Ian and Monica’s ex-girlfriend, Norma. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saturday, January 23 11:00 pm The Wanda Sykes Show, Fox (1 hr) NEWMove over Leno! The queen of funny is taking over with her own late night talk show! Don’t miss Wanda comment on everything from news, politics, sports, and pop culture mixed with field pieces, comedy segments, and panel discussions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday, January 24 9:00 pm Big Love, HBO (1 hr) NEW Bill, Cara Lynn, and Nicki head to the nation’s capital to get support for Bill’s Senate campaign, and Joey has a secret. Meanwhile, Alby must come to terms with his sexuality as he struggles with balancing his father’s legacy and his relationship with Dale.