What to Watch: Wednesday, January 20

Wednesdays are the new black for prime time! Kristin Chenoweth goes to Orlando with the American Idol crew, one of Jay's friends sets off Mitchell's gaydar on Modern Family, and things turn ugly between Real World's Ashley and Mike. Wednesday, January 20 8:00 pm American Idol, Fox (1 hr) NEW Ellen Degeneres won’t make an appearance until the contestants go to Hollywood to compete, but guest judge Kristin Chenoweth will likely add some comedic relief as the crew heads to Orlando. 8:00 pm The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS (30 min) NEW Just as she finds herself falling for Max (Eric McCormack), Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood) comes back into Christine's life. Out comedian/actress Wanda Sykes co-stars.

Chazz Palminteri guest stars on Modern Family.

8:00 pm Mercy, NBC (30 min) NEW A patient wakes up after 10 years in a coma and wants to confront the love of his life, while a recently married cancer patient begins treatment. Sonia treats a wealthy patient, giving her a taste of the good life. Will gay nurse Angel lend a helping hand this week? 9:00 pm Modern Family, ABC (30 min) NEW Mitchell gets Jay’s head spinning after he tells him he thinks one of his old friends (Chazz Palminteri) might be gay. Jay doesn’t buy it at first, but then he starts noticing things that make him think his son might have been right after all. 9:00 pm Law & Order: SVU, NBC (1 hr) REPEAT After one of his clients is found murdered, a bigwig CEO of a dating website is under investigation. Let’s hope Dr. Hwang (B.D. Wong), the unit’s gay criminal psychologist, helps crack the case.

Drama with Mike and Ashley this week on The Real World: Washington D.C.

10:00 pm The Real World: Washington D.C. (30 min) NEW Undeniable sexual tension turns ugly between Ashley and bisexual roomie Mike, and the girls help Andrew work on his macking skills with the ladies. Also features bisexual roommate, Emily. 10:00 pm Ugly Betty, ABC (30 min) NEW Betty tries to throw a karaoke party in her apartment, but a robbery in her building hampers her plans, and one of Marc’s irreplaceable items is stolen. Amanda tricks Wilhelmina and Daniel into couple’s counseling, while Ignacio wants Bobby to stay away from Hilda. A city blackout adds some more drama to the mix. 10:00 pm Launch My Line, Bravo (1 hr) NEW The fabulous out twins of Dsquared2 come to the aid of designers and artists dying to have their own fashion line. This week, teams create interchangeable thee-piece outfits. Can these random duos get past their egos and make it work? Watch and see! 10:00 pm Nip/Tuck, FX (1 hr) NEW A new patient wants facial reconstructive surgery after attempting suicide, and Christian gets frisky with beau Kimber. Hoping to be free of guilt, Sean performs more free surgery with the help of lesbian Dr. Liz Cruz. 10:00 pm High School Reunion, TV Land (1 hr) NEW All of the high school drama with none of the homework! This reality show features several high school graduates from the class of '89, including openly gay Eric who wants to confront the homophobe who bullied him in high school.