What to Watch: Tuesday, January 19

We know American Idol guest judge Shania Twain is a sweetheart, but surely she's also more than capable of squaring off again Simon Cowell if need be. And why does Ted steal a Veridian translating device this week on Better off Ted?

Will Simon and Shania butt heads in the windy city?

Tuesday, January 19 8:00 pm American Idol, Fox (1 hr) NEW Although new idol judge and everyone’s favorite lesbian Ellen Degeneres won’t make her appearance until the contestants go to Hollywood, guest judge Shania Twain and the crew head to Chicago to continue auditions. 8:30 pm Better Off Ted, ABC (30 min) NEW Ted uses a Veridian translating device to woo a German executive, and Rosie has the scoop on layoffs at the office. Starring out actors Portia de Rossi and Jonathan Slavin. 10:00 pm Southland, TNT (1 hr) NEW Gay LAPD officer John Cooper and Officer Sherman find an abandoned baby, which forces Detective Adams to confront some of the darkness in her past. Meanwhile, Detectives Moretta and Bryant find it difficult to solve a drive-by shooting after a key witness can't be protected.