BREAKING: Supreme Court Votes to Block Webcast of Prop. 8 Trial

In a 5-4 split on Wednesday, the Supreme Court put a block on the broadcast of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a federal lawsuit challenging California’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples. That block will  remain in effect until the Court rules on an upcoming appeal that will challenge the decision, SCOTUS Blog reports. SCOTUS blog goes on to say: "As a practical matter, the ruling almost certainly dooms any broadcast coverage of the trial as it goes on.  The trial’s length has been estimated variously at two weeks to several weeks.  There is no indication that final Supreme Court action on the dispute would be speeded up to the point that the question could be resolved during that brief span of time.." The 17-page decision states that the U.S. District Court in San Francisco defied standing procedures regarding public broadcasts when it declared the proceedings would be available online via YouTube on a delay. GLAAD will continue to follow the media’s coverage of the Prop. 8 trial. Updates can be found on