International Rugby Legend Gareth Thomas: 'I'm Gay'

GarethThomas_468x432International rugby legend, Gareth Thomas, revealed that he is gay in an interview published in the UK-based Daily Mail on Saturday. "It's been really tough for me, hiding who I really am," Thomas told the Mail. "And I don't want it to be like that for the next young person who wants to play rugby, or some frightened young kid. I don't know if my life is going to be easier because I'm out, but if it helps someone else... then it will have been worth it." Thomas said he came out to close friends in late 2006. Thomas is the first top-level rugby athlete to reveal that he is gay, according to CNN. Of Thomas's accomplishments, Reuters noted that he is Wales's "most capped player with 100 appearances who has scored 41 test tries to place him ninth on the all-time list." "I'm proud of who I am," Thomas says. "I feel I have achieved everything I could ever possibly have hoped to achieve out of rugby, and I did it being gay." CNN’s original story about  Gareth Thomas’ decision to come out publicly as a gay man contained three problematic phrases that included the words  “admitted,” and “confessed."  GLAAD called the network to voice concerns and explain that such words are highly offensive and suggest that being gay is somehow shameful or inherently secretive. CNN listened and changed the story immediately; replacing the terms with appropriate words like “revealed,” “discussed,” and “came out.”  GLAAD commends CNN for bringing this story in line with the most fair and accurate standards. We will continue to follow the media's coverage of international rugby champion Gareth Thomas's coming out story. Updates can be found on