The Cleveland Show Continues Its Offensive Depictions of LGBT People

Following a transphobic Nov. 22 episode, Fox’s The Cleveland Show on Sunday Dec. 13 aired yet another episode exploiting overtly defamatory stereotypes.  In the episode, Cleveland remembers his last “homosexual Christmas party” where Herbert, a pedophile character from Fox’s Family Guy series, sings Christmas carols to Cleveland and a group of children. Equating pedophilia with being gay is one of the most pernicious and defamatory cleveland-herbertanti-gay stereotypes. It is an association that one would expect to come from anti-gay activists – not from a show that purports to be supportive of our community. This is the third incident of defamatory anti-LGBT content on The Cleveland Show this year.  GLAAD recently met with and expressed our concerns to the producers of the show, and we believe they need to hear from you – members of our community and our allies – about why this repeated exploitation of defamatory stereotypes for the sake of easy laughs is wrong and hurtful. Please direct your comments to The Cleveland Show's Facebook fan page: