Exclusive Video: "Otalia" Live on in Venice - The Series (Part 1)

December 11, 2009
GLAAD's Entertainment Media team recently had the privilege of sitting down for a conversation with Crystal Chappell. Diehard fans of Guiding Light will remember Crystal as one half of lesbian supercouple Olivia and Natalia, or "Otalia." Though Otalia supporters were disappointed by the lack of intimacy that the couple were allowed to show, Crystal is keeping the spirit of Otalia alive in her new web series, Venice - The Series. Crystal plays Gina, a lesbian with a tumultuous love life, and Jessica Leccia, who played Natalia, will appear as Ani, Gina's ex-girlfriend. The first episode is already available on the series' website and episode 2 will premiere on December 18. Fans can subscribe for $9.99 for the full season. Especially in light of the dearth of lesbian characters on television, GLAAD applauds Crystal Chappell for bringing much needed visibility to the lesbian community. In the video below, Crystal gives an overview of the series and what to expect in the coming season. Check in next Friday for part 2 of our interview! Binary Data j3KdV6CRoko