Grunberg Apologizes for Chaz Bono Tweets

Thanks to everyone that tweeted Heroes star Greg Grunberg asking for an apology for the tweets he made about Chaz Bono, the actor took to his Twitter account again yesterday to apologize. The day after Rebecca Juro of The Bilerico Project cited Grunberg for his disrespectful comments, he offered this an apology:
7csb5h“And I apologize if I offended ANYONE. Now, back to fart jokes and Yowza!!”
Yesterday after GLAAD’s blog post asking allies and friends to tweet Grunberg for a direct apology to Chaz and the trans community he tweeted this:
7csb5h“For the 2nd & final time, sorry 2 Chaz & my Trans-fans! Nice 2 see a community stand together. I meant NO disrespect.”
Juro who broke the story on Grunberg’s tweets, wrote a letter making an appeal for more responsible messaging from Grunberg saying:
Grunny, when you make jokes about Chaz Bono, even though your intent is to joke about his weight, that's not what a lot of people are going to take from it. Mixing gender pronouns in reference to a transgender person as you did in one of your tweets is considered deeply offensive in our community, disparaging to Chaz's gender identity, and by extension to the rest of us as well. I know you don't see it that way, but that's how I feel, and it's how many other transgender people and allies feel as well.
Again thank you to all that tweeted and to Grunberg who will hopefully think twice before making comments about someone's gender identity.