Tomorrow's Boston Latino Film Festival Screening Dedicated to Jorge Steven López

December 3, 2009
Tomorrow's screening at the 8th Annual Boston Latino Film Festival will be dedicated to the memory of Jorge Steven López Mercado, the 19 year old gay man who was found brutally murdered on November 13th. Openly bisexual filmmaker Carmen Oquendo-Villar will present two short pieces on her ongoing work about LGBT communities in Puerto Rico. She will also read messages sent from Puerto Rico related to Jorge Steven. The following is a photo essay on the New York City Memorial for Jorge Steven that took place in New York City. It is a collaboration between Oquendo-Villar, Ismael Enrique Cruz Córdova, Pablo Herran and Celíany Rivera. Binary Data gQGBrocXjXs Two other films will be screened as well. "¿Oye, qué bolá?: Cuban Voices on Sexual Diversity,"which is described as:
Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raul Castro and director of CENSEX, takes center stage in this documentary about LGBT culture in Cuba. Castro, along with her fellow Cubans, describe their experiences and repression endured over the 50 years since the revolution. A unique take on Cuba's repressions and ills of the past, the state of LGBT issues in Cuba today, and hopes for the future.
and "Amancio - Two Faces on a Tombstone,"
the story of a young cross-dressing man who was picked up at a bar by a straight man, murdered and then left for dead in the Colorado river in Yuma, Arizona. The sheriff's office quickly closed the case as 'unsolved'. An outraged gay citizen and activist stepped up to act as the voice for the Mexican immigrant family, organize and rally the community and help identify the killer. Three years later justice is finally served as the cold blooded murderer is sentenced to prison.
The program will take place on Friday December 4th at 7pm tomorrow at Cambridge College, 1000 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA. Tickets are $8 and there will be a free reception afterward.