Protesters Respond to Vallejo Mayor’s Anti-LGBT Remarks in Northern California

vallejoVallejo, CA residents gathered on city hall Tuesday evening to protest Mayor Osby Davis’ recent anti-LGBT remarks. In an interview with The New York Times, Davis said that LGBT people are "committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven." Mayor Davis has since apologized for the comment. In a demonstration led by the openly gay reverend Lou Bordisso, hundreds of community members rallied at Vallejo City Hall to condemn Davis’ homophobic remarks. "I've lived in Vallejo for 25 years and now. He's asking me to go back in the closet and I will not do that," local resident Wendell Quigley told KTVU-TV. Mayor Davis insists, however, that he had no such intentions. In a statement released on Tuesday, Davis apologized to his constituents, but said his “words were taken out of context”: “To those I have offended by my comments, I apologize. My words were taken out of context. I care for the entire community and my desire is to build consensus on our diversity. Let me be clear, I have and will stand against hatred, discrimination and divisiveness wherever they exist.” In response, The New York Times published a significant portion of the Davis interview to its website late Tuesday evening. That context, however, has done little to quell LGBT locals who still consider Davis’ comments to be extremely offensive. The Vallejo Times Herald even published a letter to the editor on Wednesday that calls for Davis’s resignation: Instead, Rev. Lou Bordisso told San Jose Mercury News that public censure would be more appropriate and asked that Davis “show solidarity with all community groups by appointing openly gay people to the Human Relations Commission.” GLAAD has reached out to community members in Vallejo and will work closely with people on the ground to ensure fair, accurate, and inclusive coverage of Mayor Osby Davis’ homophobic remarks. Updates can be found on