In the Life Presents: "Creating Solutions"

December 1, 2009
Throughout December, In the Life will be airing its latest installment, "Creating Solutions," on PBS affiliates nationwide. "Creating Solutions" features an in depth look at the scientists working tirelessly to find a cure for and curb the spread of HIV/AIDS. From the press release:
Over twenty million people have died from AIDS since its cause, HIV, was discovered in 1981. Though leading scientists worldwide have dedicated their lifes work to understanding the virus, its genetic complexity is unprecedented and a cure is still beyond reach. This month on IN THE LIFE, we speak with scientists working tirelessly for a cure, advocates speaking out about the stigma of HIV, and look at the success of a cutting edge prevention effort to stop the spread of the disease.
View the trailer below: Binary Data uJd6CCVRmFs Check your local listings or In the Life's official website for airtimes near you.