What to Watch: This Weekend

Don't miss Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga as they rock out at the 2009 American Music Awards. Wonder what Ms. Gaga will be wearing?
Ms. Gaga will attend Sunday's American Music Awards

Ms. Gaga will attend Sunday's American Music Awards

Friday, November 20 9:00 pm Stargate Universe, SyFy (1 hrs) NEW Lt. Scott and Camille return to Earth thanks to the communication stones to spend time with family while the crew discovers new sections of the ship, which yields a promising discovery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saturday, November 21 11:00 pm The Wanda Sykes Show, FOX (1 hr) NEW Move over Leno! The queen of funny is taking over with her own late night talk show! Don’t miss Wanda comment on everything from news, politics, sports, and pop culture mixed with field pieces, comedy segments, and panel discussions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday, November 22
American Idol fave Adam Lambert

Watch for Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards

8:00 pm 2009 American Music Awards, ABC (2 hrs) PREMIERE Watch as the top performers gather for the 37th annual American Music Awards. With performances by Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga it will be a night to remember! 8:00 pm The Amazing Race, CBS (1 hrs) NEW The brothers McMillen journey to Prague in this 21-day, eight-country race around the globe! Will their competitive spirit rub everyone the wrong way? Who cares? They’re fighting for a spot in the final three, after all! 8:00 pm The Simpsons, FOX (30 min) NEW Bart learns of a famous prankster (Jonah Hill) who walked Springfield Elementary’s halls before him and sets out to find him. No surprise they become fast friends but how old is too old to be a prankster? 9:00 pm Styl’d, MTV (1 hr) NEW This new reality show follows hungry young stylists as they fight and claw their way through grueling challenges all to win a styling contract and spot on the Margaret Maldonado Agency's impressive roster of artists. Watch out world, here come the stylists! 9:30 pm American Dad, FOX (30 min) NEW After crashing a My Morning Jacket concert to drag Hayley home, Stan realizes he likes the band and becomes a groupie and follows them on the road. What will Roger have to do to get Stan back from this one?