Media Focuses on Missing African-American Lesbian, Mitrice Richardson

0000000++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++0It’s been almost two and a half months since Mitrice Richardson, 24, went missing after being released from a Malibu/Lost Hills police station in mid September. The Los Angeles Times reports that her father is extremely frustrated with the circumstances behind how his daughter was released from police custody and the lack of clues as to her whereabouts.
[The] missing woman's father, Michael Richardson, 42, is now pressing authorities to release security footage from the night Richardson was taken into custody, believing it will prove that she was in no state to be discharged. "I'm at a breaking point," he said. Mitrice Richardson vanished after leaving the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Malibu/Lost Hills station Sept. 17 on foot with no purse or cellphone. She had been released shortly after midnight after being arrested on suspicion of failing to pay for her meal at Geoffrey's Malibu and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Witnesses said Richardson behaved strangely that night, telling people she was from Mars. Since then, several sightings have been reported, but none has panned out, LAPD Det. Steven Eguchi said last week, adding that no evidence of foul play had been found.
In spite of the details about her arrest, Blogger Jasmyne Cannick reports that Richardson was a woman who was on the right track.
By all accounts, Mitrice Richardson was doing the right thing. A Cal State Fullerton graduate who studied psychiatry, Mitrice had planned on taking her education to the lesbian and gay community because she felt that there weren’t enough qualified and sensitive psychiatrists that catered to people who were gay. She lived with her great-grandmother on East 118th Street in Watts and was getting ready to start work as a teacher. also reported that Richardson odd behavior that night was out of character:
This was not typical behavior for the former beauty pageant contestant, who graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a 4.0 grade point average, held down two jobs, volunteered for charity, and was in a committed relationship with another dynamic young woman.
Her parents admitted that Richardson suffers from mental disease and that may have played a factor in her demeanor that evening. Tessa Moon, Richards’ girlfriend of two years reached out to the LGBT community Mitrice_3to ask for help. The Advocate wrote:
Tessa Moon [made] an appeal on [November 2nd] at the Jewel's Catch One community room in Los Angeles. Moon and Richardson have been in a relationship for two years. "If I could tell her anything right now, it would be 'Don't be afraid. We're coming.”
Her family has created a blog, Bring Mitrise Richardson Home, which provides up-to-date news, links to other media covering her disapearance and YouTube videos of vigils and searches that The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Richardson's whereabouts. Anyone with information is asked to call (213) 485-2531. MITRICE RICHARDSON ~ Date of Birth ~ April 30, 1985 HEIGHT: 5’ WEIGHT: 135lb EYES: Hazel brown HAIR: Medium brown (natural/curly) TATTOOS: Lower abdomen, and behind neck Last wearing: Brown Bob Marley T-shirt & Blue Jeans. GLAAD will continue to follow the story and provide updates. Mitrice-content-images