Exclusive Clip: The Wanda Sykes Show

Out Comedian Wanda Sykes braves the late-night talk show boys club for the 2nd week with The Wanda Sykes Show this Saturday on Fox. We congratulate Sykes for being the first openly gay woman and only the third woman overall to headline a late-night show on a major network. As she did in her recent HBO hit comedy special I’ma Be Me, Sykes will lend her biting commentary to a range of topics: news, politics, sports, pop culture and her new role as wife and mother. Sykes will put her personal touch on the week’s hot topics, with a mix of stand-up, field pieces and panel discussions with famous friends and guests. Her guests this week are Actor Ian Gomez of ABC’s Cougar Town (also known to his LGBT fans from his role as Javier on Felicity), NFL Cincinatti Superstar Chad Ochocinco, Radio Host/Author Tom Joyner and Former NBA Star John Salley. See the exclusive GLAAD clip from the premiere here: https://www.glaad.org/wandasykesvideo 03_wanda_030_finalSykes can also be seen as the brutally honest Barb on the CBS show The New Adventures in Old Christine, which received a GLAAD Media Award in 2009 for Outstanding Individual Episode-Television for shedding a light on job discrimination faced by same-sex couples. An outspoken advocate for equality, Sykes brought attention to the No on Prop. 8 campaign last year when she appeared at a pre-election Las Vegas rally and proclaimed, “I’m proud to be a woman, I’m proud to be a black woman and I’m proud to be gay." It’s so important that Americans get to know the diversity of our community and hear stories about loving and committed couples, like Wanda and her partner. When people hear stories like Wanda’s in their living rooms, it sparks the conversations that are changing people’s hearts and minds. We hope that her presence will continue to shine a light on the diverse experiences of women, Black women and gay and lesbian people in this country. Right now GLAAD is working with individuals and families across the country to spotlight their own stories in local communities – places like Maine where marriage rights were eliminated for gay and lesbian couples in the November 3rd and in Maryland where we are working with the Maryland Black Family Alliance to amplify the voices of African Americans and their support for equality. As more and more people get to know our community and our stories, the public support for our equality is growing. The Wanda Sykes Show airs this Saturday, 11pm on FOX.