UPDATE: Chiefs Suspend Larry Johnson

The Kansas City Chiefs released a statement yesterday announcing Larry Johnson had been issued a two-weeks suspension for “Conduct Detrimental to the Club”. He can return to practice and other team activities on November 9, the day after the Chiefs play the Jacksonville Jaguars. Since this is a bye week for the Chiefs, Johnson will only sit out one game. In addition, he will not be paid for the duration of his suspension. The two week hiatus amounts to a loss in compensation for the running back, equivalent to about $660,000. Johnson’s agent, Peter Schaffer, told the Kansas City Star that “we respectfully disagree this punishment doesn’t fit the action.” He plans to file an appeal with the Chiefs on behalf of Johnson. The National Football League has not weighed in on Johnson's status yet and may or may not discipline him separately. GLAAD will continue to follow this story and provide updates.