GLAAD Demands Action Against NFL Player Larry Johnson's Use of Homophobic Slurs

Larry Johnson, a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, has uttered several anti-gay slurs within the past couple of days. GLAAD is demanding that the Kansas City Chiefs and the National Football League take disciplinary action. Johnson’s tirade began with a Twitter post about his head coach, following a loss to San Diego. According to the Kansas City Star when reporters approached Johnson about his comment, he uttered a gay slur under his breath while telling them to “get out of here.” Soon after, Johnson was at it again on Twitter, fighting with a fan. Yahoo Sports monitored the conversation and caught Johnson using the anti-gay slur again. Additionally, explains that Johnson’s use of the phrase “Christopher Street boy” to describe the fan is yet another anti-gay slur.LarryJohnsonTwitter Several other media outlets are covering Johnson’s hateful words. ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown described Johnson’s comment as insensitive, and NBC Action News Kansas City reported that his inflammatory remark crossed the line. Local CBS and ABC news channels are also following this story. "All too often this is the word that is used to ridicule and harass young gay and transgender athletes on local sports fields across America" said Jarrett Barrios, President of GLAAD. "Professional athletes who use this word need to be held accountable for giving a license to youth to bully their peers. NFL officials and the Kansas City Chiefs need to take disciplinary action to condemn this and future uses of all anti-gay epithets." We are reaching out to the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL and will keep you updated.