GLAAD, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and Approve 71 Team Up

Seattle-Lesbian-Gay-Film-Festival-300x148GLAAD continues to work with local leaders and organizations in Washington to help get Referendum 71 approved.  One unique way we are reaching voters is by teaming up with the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.  The festival, organized by Three Dollar Bill Cinema, runs for ten days and expects up to 10,000 visitors. With ballots due on Referendum 71 in only two weeks, it's important to energize voters to head to the polls, mail in their ballots and volunteer to help others do the same. GLAAD teamed up with several local activists led by Shad Reinstein and Jody Laine to produce trailers for the Approve 71 campaign to run before all film festival movies.  There are three trailers running throughout the festival. At the film festival's opening night film, "An Englishman in New York," the Approve 71 trailer was met by widespread applause. In today’s world of digital media, everyone has the ability to communicate to a broad audience.  Shad and Jody are examples of community members who had something to contribute. Their idea to create these trailers could potentially generate hundreds or thousands of votes for the Approve 71 campaign.  Mail-in ballots have already been distributed in Washington and people must postmark their ballots by November 3rd for them to be counted.  We hope these movie trailers will help encourage people to get involved and remember to vote. At GLAAD we always encourage people to stand up and tell their stories – whether through a blog, a letter to the editor or making a video like Shad and Jody did.  Additionally, GLAAD partnered with the film festival for a special screening of “Training Rules,” on Saturday, October 24th.  GLAAD President Jarrett  Barrios will be in Seattle for the screening and a special panel on “Homophobia in Sports” will follow.  Please join us at the event! For those in Washington or interested in the campaign, visit the Approve 71 website today to see how you can get more involved.