What to Watch: This Weekend

Be sure to catch the fascinating heart-breaking story of Quentin Crisp with An Englishman in New York as part of Logo's Fall Film Festival. Plus the gang at Mode is finally back with poor Ugly Betty having bitten more then she can chew.  Can she handle the pressure? Friday, October 16
The fabulous cast of Ugle Betty

The fabulous cast of Ugly Betty

8:00 pm Ugly Betty, ABC (2 hrs) SEASON PREMIERE Betty begins her new job as associate editor at Mode in the season four opener, but finds it difficult to juggle all the drama: ex-boyfriend as a boss and Marc close behind still upset about being slighted by this promotion. Daniel is freaking out without Betty and the loss of Molly and Justin is finding high school very difficult. 8:00 pm Degrassi: The Next Generation, TeenNick (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE In part one of this two part season nine opener Mia is offered a modeling contract in gay old Paris! Elsewhere Peter doesn’t feel like he really fits in with the new scene and finds a new friend in drugs to comfort him. Keep a look our gay teen Riley whose path to self-discovery is about to begin. 9:00 pm Stargate Universe, SyFy (1 hrs) NEW Things get critical aboard Destiny as power levels drop dangerously low and it doesn’t get any better when Rush announces that all on board will die within days. 10:00 pm Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO (1 hr) SEASON FINALE This no-holds barred news show is broadcast live, so you never know what to expect. Bill regularly discusses LGBT issues and features gay panelists and commentators, so check it out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saturday, October 17 9:00 pm Color Splash, HGTV (1 hr) NEW Gay interior designer David Bromstad reworks living spaces. Tonight he makes over a fabulous room mixing the modern and the Mediterranean styles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday, October 18 8:00 pm The Amazing Race, CBS (1 hrs) NEW The brothers McMillen race off to Dubai for country number four in this 21-day, eight-country race around the globe! Hopefully coming in first last week won’t go to the brother’s heads and they can focus on maintaining the lead! 8:00 pm The Simpsons, Fox (30 min) NEW Always a Halloween favorite, the annual Treehouse of Horror is finally here. Mix together some Hitchcock, zombies, kick ass Apu, and a meddling Moe and what do you get? A gay Homer?! Better watch and see what happens.
John Hurt as Quentin Crisp in <i>An Englishman in New York</i>

John Hurt as Quentin Crisp in An Englishman in New York

9:00 pm Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr) NEW It seems Gaby doesn’t always get her man as John Rowland (Jesse Metcalfe) shows Ana some special attention. Plus Bree helps Katherine get over losing Mike and Lynette orders her family to do more around the house. Meanwhile, Susan learns that Julie is hiding things from her and Angie throws a party for Danny. 9:00 pm Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO (30 min) NEW That age-old question may finally be answered tonight: Can Rosie O’Donnell kick Larry David’s ass? Watch and find out. Plus Larry learns to embrace being disabled…despite not actually being disabled. 9:30 pm American Dad, Fox (30 min) NEW Its summer for the Smiths and with the kids away, Stan and Francine attempy to reconnect, but Roger wants attention too. As Francine helps Roger get his own place, how will Stan fare without his right-hand-alien? 10:00 pm Brothers and Sisters, ABC (1 hr) NEW Sarah is back from France with a big shiny souvenir, which she hopes will help keep Kitty’s mind off her health problems. Elsewhere, Justin faces issues competing with his much younger classmates in anatomy class. 10:00 pm Mad Men, AMC (1 hr) NEW Last week was a doozy for our beloved Sal as everything that could go wrong for him did, but is he really gone for good? On the lighter side, Sterling Cooper celebrates a milestone and Peggy goes toe to toe with Paul for an account. 10:00 pm An Englishman in New York, LOGO (2 hrs) PREMIERE Set at the beginning of the AIDS crisis in NY, this biopic follows the extraordinary life of gay writer-actor Quentin Crisp, played by John Hurt. Cynthia Nixon, Swoosie Kurtz and Denis O'Hare also star in this amazing story about listening to your heart and not letting anything get in the way. Premiere in part with Logo’s 2009 Fall Film Festival.