NBC's The Marriage Ref Casting Married Gay Couples

October 15, 2009
NBC’s The Marriage Ref is casting and on the hunt for married gay couples! The Marriage Ref is a comic reality series where celebrities and a relationship referee help squabbling married couples make peace. Created by Jerry Seinfeld himself, this is relationship advice... with a comic twist.
Jerry Seinfeld, producer of <i>The Marriage Ref</i>

Jerry Seinfeld, producer of The Marriage Ref

The show is looking for outgoing and opinionated same-sex married couples, willing to appear on national television, who want help resolving a dispute. It’s a one time appearance and camera crews will travel to you, so anyone in the US is eligible. We're talking about benign arguments-- like one partner never puts the cap on the toothpaste-- or a couple having a disagreement about what to name their baby or what the baby will call his two mommies — who controls the space on the DVR -- or any annoying habits. Whether you argue about parenting, pets, fashion, money, in-laws, weight, housework, chores, communication, neatness, jealousy, past history, friends...no topic is too small. Couples will be awarded prizes related to their particular dispute. NBC is very excited to get some great married gay couples to be on the show and to represent the full spectrum of modern, American, married life.  They are in the final weeks of casting so please contact Cindi Creager or Taj Paxton at GLAAD by MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 if you are interested. Taj Paxton Director of Entertainment Media paxton@glaad.org Or Cindi Creager Director of National News creager@glaad.org