Chicago-Area Student Files Complaint After Teacher Uses Anti-Gay Slur

Jordan Hunter, 17, filed a complaint against a Geneva High School teacher after the instructor used an anti-gay slur in the classroom on October 5. According to The Advocate, David Burk, a veteran consumer education teacher, made the comments while discussing taxation and the National Endowment for the Arts."How would you feel about your tax dollars going to pay some black f*g in New York to take pictures of other black f*gs?" Burk reportedly asked the class. "I'm personally offended," Hunter told the Chicago Tribune. "I just think it's completely unacceptable for a person in that position to make any comments that are discriminatory toward any group in a classroom setting." JordanHunter1Hunter was placed in an alternate class after reporting the incident to school officials. At a meeting on Tuesday, the Geneva School District 304 (IL) voted to issue a warning to Burk. NBC Chicago reported on Thursday that “a letter of reprimand [will be] placed in his permanent file.” Burk later admitted to the comments and read an apology to his students on Tuesday. "The message I conveyed was insensitive and hurtful," read Burk’s letter.  "This is not what I had intended." Hunter, however, is not convinced that the school board’s decision is an appropriate result. "I'm disappointed and shocked," Hunter told NBC of the outcome. "I thought they would take it more seriously than they did.  He's more than entitled to his views and opinions, but there's no reason he needs to express them in the classroom.” Hunter has reached out to GLAAD and we have offered any media resources necessary to help share his story. GLAAD will continue to monitor the media’s coverage of the Geneva School District’s response to anti-gay slurs in the classroom. Updates can be found on