Maine Faith Leaders Speak out on Marriage Equality

As the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland passed offering plates to fight Maine’s marriage equality bill, pro-marriage equality faith leaders redoubled their efforts.  An array of clergy from Maine effectively got their voices into media representing Maine Religious Coalition for Freedom to Marry.

Bishop Richard J. Malone went so far as to have a  recorded message played at Sunday masses in Maine to encourage Catholics to financially support and vote in favor of Question 1 that would repeal marriage equality passed by Maine’s legislature back in May.  In response, Catholics for Marriage Equality organized a protest by asking parishioners to put notes in the collection baskets stating their opposition to the church’s anti-gay stance.  Anne Underwood, co-director of the Catholics for Marriage Equality, stated that, “Marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacrament reserved to the Church to define and administer…no church can morally deprive families and children of state recognition.” Polls show support for equality is growing  as 50% percent of Maine residents support the marriage equality while 41% want to repeal the law—an improvement from a recent Daily Kos poll that showed a statistical dead heat. Maine citizens will vote on Nov. 3.