In the Life Presents: "Living On the Margins"

October 2, 2009
Throughout October, In the Life will be airing its latest installment, “Living On the Margins,” on PBS affiliates nationwide. “Living On the Margins” shines a light on the LGBT people who have remained largely invisible, even as the LGBT community has become more visible than ever. In the LifeFrom the press release:
This month, we look at how LGBT people living on the economic margins of our society are organizing themselves to find housing, improve their professional skills, and obtain employment and health care.
The Unseen Gays: Struggling on the Margins At a time when nearly every corner of the country is suffering from market downturns and high unemployment rates, many in the LGBT community are especially hard hit. In our lead segment, we look at how racial, economic and gender-based discrimination result in disproportionate rates of poverty, unemployment and homelessness among the most marginalized members of our community.
A CONVERSATION WITH… Stonewall Community Foundation Director Thai Pham, and FIERCE Executive Director Rickke Mananzala discuss the renewed commitment to philanthropy many LGBT people are making, economic activism and the synergy of their organizations.
Habitat’s First LGBT Unity Build For many LGBT people, the recent economic crisis reinvigorated the spirit of volunteerism. At Habitat for Humanity’s first LGBT Unity Build Day, we speak with the community members who came out in support of affordable housing while raising visibility for the movement.
Check your local listings to see when "Living On the Margins" will be airing near you, or visit In the Life's official website for download/streaming video.