The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later

rsz_lrmieprjThe New York-based Tectonic Theatre Project will debut an 80-minute epilogue to its bestselling play ‘The Laramie Project’ on October 12 in more than 130 theatres nationwide. The Laramie Project is based on more than 200 interviews with residents of Laramie, Wyoming following the death of Matthew Shepard, a 21 year-old University of Wyoming student who was savagely beaten and left for dead in October 1998 after his killers learned that he was gay. The epilogue, titled The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later, documents how Laramie has changed a decade after Shepard’s death. The new piece also features a disturbing 11-minute dialogue with one of Shepard’s killers, Aaron McKinney. The Associated Press, which obtained an advance copy of the script, noted McKinney’s alarming reflections on the brutal murder in an article published Tuesday. McKinney says that he has little remorse for the crime, but none whatsoever for Shepard:
Yeah I got remorse. But probably not the way people want me to. I got remorse that I didn’t live the way my dad taught me to live… As far as Matt is concerned, I don’t have any remorse.
McKinney is also quoted in the script as blasting Matthew’s mother, Judy Shepard, who now devotes her life advocating for the passage of federal hate crimes legislation that would protect LGBT people:
[Of Judy Shepard] Still, she never shuts up about it, and it’s been like 10 years.
The Associated Press article goes on to say that McKinney admits that “he still dislikes gays and that his perceptions about Shepard’s sex life bolstered his belief that the killing was justified.” The epilogue’s October 12th debut will mark the 11th anniversary of Shepard’s death and will be performed by more than 1,000 actors, both professional and non-professional, across the country. GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios will take part in a reading of The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later at Boston’s Emerson College on October 12th at 8pm. Tickets are free of charge. For more information, please visit: