Celebrate Bisexuality Day

September 23, 2009

Mike Szymanski

As part of GLAAD's ongoing series of posts dedicated to Celebrate Bisexuality Day, we invited bisexual people to share their stories and talk about what today means to them. ____________________________________________ By Mike Szymanski There's really a Bisexuality Day? Where's the celebration? Where's the flag? Where's the parade? Yes, there's a Bisexuality Day, but it's up to actual real-life bisexuals to acknowledge it. And, the handful of places that have activities where you may celebrate Bisexual Pride on Sept. 23 will be places where you'd be preaching to the crowd. That's not where to go if you really want to celebrate. Go out and confuse your friends, by explaining how you're not confused about your sexuality. Go to that homophobic neighbor's house and sit on his fence. Go visit your best gay friend's house and jump out of every closet s/he has. Don't be ambiguous about who catches your eye. Decide that you don't need to decide, or make any decision. Or, just be normal all day and wear your bi purple, blue and pink triangles, or your Freddie Mercury T-shirt or write "I'M BI" in big purple letters on your forehead and wear it to work all day. Or, if you're too shy, or feel like it's just nobody's business, just say "bi bi" to people and go home with the satisfaction that you don't have to explain anything to anyone . . . Mike Szymanski is the Bisexuality Examiner. He came out as gay and then found himself sneaking around with a girlfriend for a few years, until he came out for the second time in a big way on national TV. Now he's an activist and author about bisexual issues and won a Lambda Award for co-authoring "The Bisexual's Guide to the Universe."