Glennda Testone Named Executive Director of the New York City LGBT Center, First Woman to Fill The Post

rsz_1glenndatestoneOn Tuesday the New York City LGBT Community Center announced its unanimous decision to bring Glennda Testone on as their new Executive Director. In a statement released by The Center, the leaders of the hiring search said:
We found a dynamic leader who we believe will be at the forefront of the next generation of advocacy and services for the LGBT community.  Glennda inspired all of us and we cannot wait to begin the next chapter of the Center's history under her leadership.
Throughout her career, Testone has been a leader in the field of social justice for women and LGBT people.  In an interview with EDGE, Testone said “she hopes to bring her experience as both a feminist and an LGBT activist into her new role.” Testone said of her new appointment:
At a time when the opportunities and challenges faced by our community are limitless, the Center is a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of LGBT people. I am honored and excited to lead the Center in providing the kind of thriving, nurturing community that we all want to come home to.  It is an ambitious goal, but my commitment to serving the LGBT community, the passion of the people involved and the possibilities for this institution are also limitless.
Testone previously served as the Vice President for the Women’s Media Center for three years after leading the Program Division at GLAAD as our Senior Director of Media Programs for six years.  Testone pioneered several changes in LGBT media activism, most notably leading the team that persuaded The New York Times to change its longstanding policy and include same sex couples on its wedding pages beginning in 2003. The Center, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008, has grown to become the largest LGBT multi-service organization on the East Coast and second largest LGBT community center in the world.  The Center’s board president Bruce Anderson, who served as interim executive director for the past eight months reflected:
As a board president and an interim executive director, I have seen the work of the Center firsthand.  And I have seen the staff in action.   It has been a privilege and has also offered me a unique perspective on the kind of leader the Center will need to propel its work forward,” says Anderson.  “This organization needs and deserves a leader with a contemporary perspective, an inspirational vision and the management expertise necessary to bring that vision to life.  We have found that in Glennda.
“The concept of working with an organization that leads people to better lives: I can’t think of anything more important,” Testone concluded in her interview with EDGE. We at GLAAD send our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you at your new post, Glennda!  Thank you for your past and future service to the LGBT community!