What to Watch: Tuesday

Graphic designer Kevin Campbell has already made it further in the competition that anyone in Big Brother history. Will he take down polarizing houseguest Natalie to become the first openly gay winner tonight? Fingers crossed! Tuesday, September 15
Sassy lesbian paper editor Rumer Willis

90210's sassy lesbian paper editor Rumer Willis

8:00 pm 90210, The CW (1 hr) NEW Naomi considers getting back at Annie by spreading an X-rated photo while Silver agrees to give Dixon some space. Beverly High better watch out since the lesbian editor of the school paper, played by Rumer Willis, has eyes and ears everywhere. 9:00 pm Melrose Place, The CW (1 hr) NEW Bisexual bad girl Ella is up to some tricks as she learns her job may be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Lauren decides to go on another date for money and some found footage shines new light on innocent Violet. 9:00 pm Big Brother, CBS (2 hr) SEASON FINALE Tonight's 2-hour finale will be intense as the jury members come together to decide who will be the winner of Big Brother. 10:00 pm Flipping Out, Bravo (1 hr) NEW Jeff Lewis and crew are back for a third season, but with the economy in the toilet, flipping houses isn’t such a lucrative option. Maybe they can take a page from Zoila’s book and clean them? Yeah, right! Better watch and see what happens! 10:00 pm Addicted to Beauty, Oxygen (1 hr) NEW If you needed one more reason to fear cosmetic surgery and medi-spas, here it is. Watch as these catty six work and play together all while trying to take care of their customer’s needs.