Vogue Evolution Finishes Fifth on America's Best Dance Crew

September 8, 2009
On Sunday's edition of Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew, Vogue Evolution, the first all gay and transgender crew to compete on the show, was sent home by the judges after the viewer vote landed them in the bottom two for the first time.
Vogue Evolution

Vogue Evolution

Vogue Evolution's participation on the MTV competition over the past several weeks was groundbreaking. From the very moment they were introduced to America, the five members of Vogue Evolution were very up front and open about their sexual orientations and gender identity, using ABDC as a platform to increase LGBT visibility. Particularly noteworthy was Leiomy Maldonado, Vogue Evolution's openly transgender member. Leiomy's participation on ABDC made her one of only two prominent transgender people on television, the other being Jaila Simms on MTV's Making His Band. While the show did a good job of relating the story of these five LGBT young people, judge Lil Mama angered many in the LGBT community the week prior to Vogue Evolution's elimination after she made remarks that were insensitive regarding Leiomy's gender identity. After being contacted by GLAAD, Lil Mama issued an apology. Though Vogue Evolution will be missed on ABDC, they are far from over. Many other LGBT blogs besides glaadBLOG, such as AfterElton and Pam's House Blend, became avid fan's of the out dancers and helped spread the word among the community. Be sure to continue checking back here for the latest on what the future holds for this talented fivesome.