What to Watch: Tuesday

Duck and cover because the drama is going to fly tonight as Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsey and Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis lost their tempers and the power of veto is determined on Big Brother Tuesday, September 1 8:00 pm Hell’s Kitchen, FOX (1 hr) NEW Gordon Ramsey is back and this time he has a new crew behind him. Mainly, season two-winner, lesbian Heather West as his new sous chef. Maybe she can give lesbian contestant Tennille a few pointers on how to deal with Ramsey’s outbursts.
This is more like addicted to drama!

Addicted to Beauty? More like "addicted to drama!"

9:00 pm Big Brother, CBS (1 hr) NEW Tonight will determine who has the Power of Veto. Let’s see if Kevin win it on behalf of gay roommates everywhere! 10:00 pm Flipping Out, Bravo (1 hr) NEW Jeff Lewis and crew are back for a third season, but with the economy in the toilet, flipping houses isn’t such a lucrative option. Maybe they can take a page from Zoila’s book and clean them? Yeah, right! Better watch and see what happens! 10:00 pm Addicted to Beauty, Oxygen (1 hr) NEW If you needed one more reason to fear cosmetic surgery and medi-spas here it is. Watch as these catty six work and play together all while trying to take care of customers needs.