Dan Savage Taping Savage Love Pilot for HBO

August 21, 2009
Openly gay author and journalist Dan Savage is in Los Angeles this month filming a "non-airing presentation pilot" for HBO based on his Savage Love advice column.
Dan Savage

Dan Savage

Via Slog:
A few Sloggers—and my boyfriend—are wondering why I've been in LA all month. I'm down here working on what's called "a non-airing presentation pilot for HBO." Or... "Savage Love," the (potential) TV show. According to a draft of press release that's sitting on my desk here at HBO—in my own office! with a lock on the door! I could be naked in here!—"Savage Love," the (potential) teevee show, "will focus on current events and cultural trends with sex as the filter." I'm hoping to bring a new kind of conversation to TV about sex—an honest conversation, one that's informed without being (too) wonky, funny without being (too) cruel, sexy without being (too) cheesy. Basically, my sex-advice column—but on the teevee!
Savage has been writing the column since 1991, but lately his career has really kicked into high gear. The best-selling author's insightful and often hilarious takes on LGBT issues have resulted in frequent appearances on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. Furthermore, The Kid, Savage's book about how he and his partner adopted a baby, is being adapted into a musical by the producing team behind the Tony-winning Avenue Q. If you will be in Los Angeles on August 27, you can click here to get tickets, which are available on a first come, first served basis. We hope to see Savage Love on HBO in the near future!