David Letterman Supports Marriage Equality

August 20, 2009
On Tuesday night's episode of the Late Show, host David Letterman expressed his support of marriage equality during a conversation with real estate mogul Donald Trump, owner of The Miss Universe Organization. During the interview, Letterman raised the Carrie Prejean controversy that occurred during the Miss USA competition earlier in the year. (The Miss Universe Organization also owns Miss USA.) During the pageant in April, Prejean, who was Miss California at the time, was asked whether or not she supported the right of same-sex couples to marry. Prejean answered that she believed in "opposite marriage." After Trump explained the Prejean controversy, Letterman said: "Let's just go right on the record and say that anybody who wants to get married ought to be able to get married," a statement that was met with enthusiastic applause from the studio audience. Letterman then jokingly asked: "Why should heterosexuals be the only ones that are miserable?" Watch the clip: Binary Data 0Vs8R63CZH0  Following Prejean's loss in the Miss USA pageant, former GLAAD President Neil Giuliano released a statement in response to her remarks. In the wake of the media attention Prejean garnered during the controversy, GLAAD also wondered if she was channeling former beauty queen and anti-gay activist Anita Bryant.