What to Watch: Monday

What's an obsessive compulsive guy to do when he can no longer do his job? Flip out! Be sure to catch all the drama on the season premiere of Jeff Lewis' Flipping Out. Monday, August 17 8:00 pm The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family (1hr) NEW Adrian is going through those testy teenage years but the fighting with Amy is getting way out of hand. So much so that Ricky had to step in and mediate. Ashley and gay BFF Griffin would find it best to stay far, far away. 9:00 pm The Closer, TNT (1 hr) NEW Brenda just can’t stay away when a shooting at a school parking lot occurs, resulting in one death. Prime suspect? Brenda’s visiting niece Charlie, played by Kyra Sedgwick’s real-life daughter Sosie Bacon. Hopefully recurring gay characters Det. Mendoza and Dr. Morales are around to help figure out who’s really at fault.
Jeff Lewis and crew of Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis and crew on Flipping Out

10:00 pm Flipping Out, Bravo (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE Jeff Lewis and crew are back for a third season, but what will they do? With the economy in the toilet, flipping houses isn’t a lucrative option. Maybe they can take a page from Zoila’s book and clean them? Yeah, right! Better watch and see what happens! 10:00 pm Making His Band, MTV (1 hr) NEW Since Sean “Diddy” Combs’ other bands/series did so well he has decided to form his own band for his upcoming tour in their likeness. Competing for one of the coveted back up singer spots the talented Jaila Simms a transgender women from Chicago. Can this fabulous baritone win a spot in Diddy’s new band? Better watch and find out! 10:00 pm Dance Your Ass Off, Oxygen (1 hr) NEW While Miles may have been eliminated, Ruben is still dancing the weight away for team rainbow. Be sure to catch the former dancer and Cirque du Soleil wardrobe manager every week in hopes of dancing off the most junk in his trunk. 10:00 pm Weeds, Showtime (30min) NEW Let the plotting begin! Celia’s lesbian daughter Isabelle is going to give her mom an earful when she finds out about Celia’s sexual exploration. Plus Esteban’s daughter arrives to create further headaches for Nancy while Andy and Audra float away on blissful relationship cloud. 10:00 pm Raising the Bar, TNT (1 hr) NEW Ever the civil servant, Jerry goes to bat for a convict charged with killing a fellow inmate, but upon closer inspection Jerry discovers that his client was wrongly imprisoned in the first place. Plus a newbie fights for a homeless man just to be able to sue the city. So young and so naive! 10:30 pm Nurse Jackie, Showtime (30min) NEW Everything seems to be working out great for Jackie as Kevin buys her a new wedding ring and there’s a new automatic pill dispenser, which means bye-bye Eddie! And when a patient is given the wrong painkillers and slips into a coma, Dr. O’Hara tries to find the culprit. It’s a full house tonight so Jackie and gay nurse Momo better have their wits about them.