Vogue Evolution Continues to Shine on America's Best Dance Crew

August 17, 2009
Last night on Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew on MTV, Vogue Evolution, the first dance crew comprised entirely of openly gay and transgender dancers to compete on the show, continued to blow everyone away with their inspired choreography.
Vogue Evolution are, from left: Dashaun, Leiomy, Prince, Malechi and Pony

Vogue Evolution are, from left: Dashaun, Leiomy, Prince, Malechi and Pony

This week, the teams were tasked with choreographing a routine to one of Beyoncé's songs while also throwing in an added challenge. Vogue Evolution was assigned "Déjà Vu" and was tasked with adding traditional African dance moves to their routine.   Lead dancer Leiomy was front and center in the Beyoncé role and wowed the judges and the audience with her incredible moves. As judge Lil Mama noted, "it took a transgender woman to bring out the feminine side of Beyoncé tonight," something previous dancers had failed to do. Vogue Evolution was formed in 2008 with the aim of bringing vogue and house/ballroom dance culture to the masses. But as noted on their MySpace page, Vogue Evolution is so much more:
Vogue Evolution has since moved beyond just a dance company to become an envoy that stands committed to effectively changing the lives of the LGBT community through the art of dance. Vogue Evolution works to empower Black and Latino gay youth around self-value, while educating the community on HIV/AIDS awareness, and encouraging the importance of getting tested now. 
Thus far, MTV has been commendable in showcasing this impressive crew of LGBT dancers. Judge JC Chasez correctly pointed out last night that they were "one of the first groups [of the night] that really connected with the audience." Oftentimes on dance competition programs, dancers' sexual orientations are rarely addressed, so it's refreshing to see five dancers who make no bones about their orientations and gender identity be featured so prominently. To view full performances, visit ABDC's official website.