What to Watch: This Weekend

The sexy sixties are back with the season premiere of Mad Men this Sunday. Grab a cocktail and get ready to be blown away by the men and women at Sterling Cooper. Friday, August 14

Marco and Paige take on Hollywood

Marco and Paige take on Hollywood

8:00 pm Degrassi Goes Hollywood, The N (1 hr) NEW Your old favorites return in this special TV movie! It’s all about Paige tonight as her brush with fame goes straight to her head, much to the disappointment of Marco and Ellie. It won’t last long if Manny, who was originally cast in the part, has anything to do about it. Guest stars include LGBT allies Pete Wentz and Kevin Smith. 9:00 pm Mental, Fox (1 hr) SEASON FINALE It may be better if lesbian psychiatrist Chloe Artis weren’t on staff for this season finale, as a man claiming to be a werewolf takes the psych-ward hostage to prove he’s right. 10:00 pm Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO (1 hr) NEW This no-holds barred news show is broadcast live, so you never know what to expect. Brad Pitt, who recently reiterated his support for marriage equality, is scheduled to drop by, so be sure to tune in! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday, August 15 9:00 pm Color Splash, HGTV (30 min) NEW Gay interior designer David Bromstad reworks living spaces. Tonight he spices up a living room with a dash of modern. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:00 pm Big Brother, CBS (1 hr) NEW The game is constantly changing so gay housemate Kevin and bisexual Lydia better be on their game if they want to stay off the chopping block when eviction nominations are announced tonight. 9:00 pm There Goes the Neighborhood, CBS (1hr) NEW Be sure to watch the Mullennix-Goff-Hatcher family: Clarissa “Chris”, her partner Renee, and sons kids Nathanael and Keith compete against seven other families in this family and social experiment. Surrounded by a 20-foot-wall, the families are cut off to the world as they compete in challenges in hopes not being voted off and winning $250,000. 9:00 p,m Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew, MTV (1 hr) NEW ABDC is back and better then ever! Watch as the remaining eight crews compete for the $100,000 grand prize and title of America’s Best Dance Crew. One of the hot new crews competing, Vogue Evolution, is the first on ABDC to feature openly gay and transgender dancers. The fabulous five-some wowed the judges and the audiences in week 1, so let’s hope they keep going strong! 9:00 pm True Blood, HBO (1 hr) NEW Lafayette tries to figure out a way to help his entranced cousin Tara while Hoyt stands up for his vampire girlfriend Jessica. Plus vamp and humans alike are shocked by Sherif Godric’s declaration of peace. Can Godric end the war before it starts?

Cast of Mad Men

10:00pm Mad Men, AMC (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE It’s finally back! In the season three opener, Pete and Ken are feeling the impact of the corporate changes and Sal, still deeply closeted, accompanies Don on a business trip. Perhaps the two can do some bonding on their time away? 10:00pm Design Star, HGTV (1 hr) NEW For the contestants’ fifth challenge, they re-do the homes of two families living on as military base. Let’s see if gay constants Jason and Nathan can come back from being in the bottom last week and rock this challenge. 10:30 pm Entourage, HBO (30 min) NEW Lloyd better be on his toes as Ari is taken by surprise from a visit by Andrew’s scorned wife. Plus Eric thinks about a job offer while trying to repair damage with crazy Ashley over his slip of the tongue last week.