Godcasts and Radio: LGBT People of Faith Explore Spirituality on Airwaves

From radio to ‘Godcasts,’ religious themed podcasts, LGBT people are reclaiming their voice within religious and faith communities. Hitting the digital airwaves is a rapidly growing trend and here are a few shows that deserve attention:

[caption id="attachment_11242" align="alignleft" width="121" caption="Candace Chellew-Hodge"]Tony sweetTony Sweet

As the host of one of the top LA Talk Radio shows, Tony Sweet, a gay Christian musician, engages LGBT people of faith in Los Angeles and across the country. Reaching more than 50,000 listeners per show, On Air with Tony Sweet hosts people of all faiths to empower and strengthen his audience through music and on-air conversations with individuals from both the religious and entertainment world. A Gospel singer, Tony sang at a major rally against Prop 8 and was also in the cast of a YouTube video response to NOM’s “Gathering Storm” called “Weathering the Storm.”

Alicia rossAlicia Ross

Inspired by her own spiritual journey, Alicia Ross set out to help LGBT people who were trying to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation. She charted new territory at LOGO with the video webcast, Oh God I’m Gay, which quickly became one of LOGO’s most popular webcasts. Ross now hosts One Gay Under God and invites faith leaders from many faiths and backgrounds to explore religious and social issues affecting the LGBT community that are often not covered by mainstream media.

Candace Chellew-Hodge[/caption] Fighting to claim a place for LGBT Christians in the Bible Belt is Whosoever, an online magazine for LGBT Christians founded in 1996 by Candace Chellew-Hodge. Whosoever regularly features podcasts on its website with the goal of providing LGBT Christians a space and the necessary resources to rekindle their faith and build welcoming communities by reaching out to both LGBT people and their straight allies. Whosoever won the first 2009 Pride Choice Award for best gay and lesbian focused nonprofit in the Southeast. Candace is currently promoting her book, Bulletproof Faith.
Justin LeeJustin Lee
Over at the Gay Christian Network (GCN) Radio, a weekly podcast on issues pertaining to LGBT Christians, Justin Lee and co-host Brian Eckstein cover a wide range of topics from the Catholic transgender experience to helping people recover from so-called "ex-gay" ministries. Lee, the Executive Director of GCN, founded the nonprofit ministry in 2001 to provide resources and support to help individuals reconcile their faith and sexuality. GCN builds networks of supportive Christian communities and works with families, friends, and churches to create respectful dialogue on sexual orientation and gender identity.