UPDATE: Dr. Phil Show Agrees to Pull Problematic Segment on Transgender Children

Yesterday, we posted about how the Dr. Phil Show had planned to re-air a problematic segment about transgender children and asked that you reach out to the show. GLAAD also reached out to the producers to voice concerns and ask them not to air the show. Monday evening we heard back from the Dr. Phil Show producers. They told us they were pulling the show titled, "Gender Confused Kids" and instead reairing their other program on transgender children. That show, which originally aired in January, includes our GLAAD trained spokesperson, Dr. Michele Angello, an expert on transgender children. As you'll see if you watch the show, Dr. Angello eloquently counters the misinformation put forth by Focus on the Family and the so-called "ex-gay" activist, Joseph Nicolosi. We appreciate The Dr. Phil Show listening to our concerns and making this decision to pull the original program. The Dr. Phil website indicates the show is airing an unrelated program this Wednesday, July 29 so it is not entirely clear they are running the follow-up show on transgender children this week. Regardless, we are still pleased they pulled the highly problematic first program.