Catching Up With Ronnie Kroell From Make Me a Supermodel, Part I

July 17, 2009
Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Ronnie Kroell, the openly gay runner-up from the first season of Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel. Ronnie, who was a big fan favorite on the show, especially among the gay community, filled us all in on what he's been up to since the show ended: Ronnie KroellOn life after Make Me a Supermodel: After the show I went home to Chicago and spent a month there visiting with my family and friends after three months in a house with little to no communication with the outside world. I wanted to spend some time back home to kind of regroup and figure out what the next steps were. I made the decision to move to New York. I’ve been living here for just about a year. I was in Brooklyn for most of that time but I just recently moved to Manhattan to be closer to my agency and where all of my projects are located. In addition to doing modeling with New York Models, I recently signed with Dino May Management, an acting agency out in LA and they’ve been coaching me and preparing me for kind of doing a crossover and really being a true supermodel essentially because the term really is about being able to model, do some acting, and be a spokesperson. On Ben and “Bronnie:” We’re all pretty much still in touch. Honestly, after the show, we’re the only ones that really knew what that experience was like. As far as keeping in touch, I probably keep in touch with Holly, Perry, Casey and Ben the most and most recently I spoke with Ben and he’s living in Tennessee with his wife and doing some modeling down there and helping his wife pursue her musical career and they’ve got a baby on the way! So they’re very excited. I can’t imagine that they’re more than a couple months away from him being a dad! BronnieOn season 2 of Make Me a Supermodel: I was able to watch a few of the episodes. One of my good friends, Nicole Trunfio, is the co-host with Tyson Beckford so I went and I supported her by going to the launch party here in New York for the season. I enjoyed what I saw but I just became pretty busy and didn’t really get to see all the episodes. I’d catch clips here and there online and of course I’ve seen a lot of the models come through New York Models because they’re signing with them and it’s kind of fun. It’s kind of like we’re a family now and they’re wanting to know about our experience on the show and how it compared. They’re constantly asking questions about what happens next because you know, there’s no manual on what happens after reality TV. It’s a real emotional roller coaster and a real high and you’re constantly trying to figure out what’s next and how to make the most out of it. It’s cool to see them and see how they’re handling it now that the show’s finished. On the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Manhunt contest: Friday’s the last day of voting for this fun contest! My friend Julie Carlson randomly emails me and is like, “I’m nominating you to be the next spokesperson for Urban Decay lip gloss” and I was just like “Well, okay. Whatever!” and she was so excited and put my pictures up there. She’s been an incredible support…she’s just amazing. She’s been pushing so hard to keep me in the top 10, which is essentially what I need to do until the end of Friday. I have to be in the top 10 and then the panel of judges at Urban Decay will determine two winners that will be flown to Southern California for a photo shoot and become one of the male models on the actual lip gloss container. It’s been quite a thrill, I’ve been lucky to have a lot of support in the community from places like Facebook, AfterElton and Feast of Fun. You heard Ronnie! Today's the last day to vote, so head to the website and show Ronnie your support. And check back next Friday when I post part II of my chat with Ronnie...and this time he brings his mom along!