BREAKING NEWS: Jury Finds Dwight DeLee Guilty of Manslaughter in the First Degree as a Hate Crime in Lateisha Green Case

A jury today found Dwight Delee guilty of manslaughter in the first degree as a hate crime after he brutally gunned down Lateisha Green, an African American transgender woman in Syracuse, New York last November. GLAAD’s incoming President Jarrett Barrios said:
Today's verdict brings justice for Lateisha Green, but it can never heal the immense loss her family has experienced.  We join Lateisha Green's family in mourning her tragic death and honoring her legacy, and we call on the media to spotlight the pervasive violence our community continues to face across the nation.
See GLAAD’s full statement on the verdict here. Delee was also found guilty of possession of a weapon and is to be sentenced on August 18. The Associated Press reports:
Several witnesses said they heard DeLee refer to Green as a "fa--ott" just before Green was shot with a .22-caliber rifle while sitting in a parked car outside the party.
After six hours the jury reached its verdict of manslaughter in the first degree as a hate crime. The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund clarifies the charges on its blog:
Manslaughter in the first degree as a hate crime requires that an individual intends to cause serious physical injury to a person because of a belief regarding that person’s sexual orientation, and causes serious physical injury to that person or a third person.
Green’s family responded to the verdict by remembering Lateisha:
Teish, a beautiful girl. A wonderful daughter. A brave soul. Teish was all of these things despite the adversity that regularly tried to weigh her down and overshadow her love of life. She was taken away from us too soon. All it took was one bullet. A bullet from a rifle that pierced her lungs and heart. And it took this one mere bullet to end Teish's life because she happened to be a transgender woman. We have spent months waiting for this day to come.
GLAAD’s Senior Media Strategist, Andy Marra, sat in on the DeLee trial in Syracuse, New York. Marra’s account of the trial and subsequent verdict can be found here. GLAAD will continue to monitor the media’s coverage of Dwight DeLee’s conviction for the killing of Lateisha Green. Updates can be found on