The United States of Tara Adds Three New Gay Characters

July 14, 2009
Our friends at reported this morning that Showtime is currently casting for three new gay characters for the upcoming second season of The United States of Tara.
Marshall and Tara are getting some company!

Marshall and Tara are getting some company!

The first season of this dark comedy already offered significant gay content with Tara's teenaged son Marshall, played by the outstanding Keir Gilchrist, and his crush on a straight schoolmate, but we're glad to hear that Marshall will soon be getting some company! According to AfterElton, the show is casting the following characters:
Character: Ted Mayo Description: "Late 40s to 50s. This funny, sweet choir teacher is the Gregson family's neighbor, an openly gay man who lives with his younger, Middle Eastern lover, Hany."
Character: Hany Description: "Ted's handsome younger lover, this Middle Eastern / Egyptian man is easygoing, and strikes up a helpful friendship with Marshall."
Character: Lionel Trane. Okay, wait a minute. Lionel Trane? Seriously? Description: Strongly prefer 18 to play 16, this high school student is a flamboyant, impassioned, and very outspoken gay activist.
Maulik Pancholy: Your future Hany?

Maulik Pancholy as Hany?

AfterElton suggests James Spader for Ted, Haaz Sleiman for Hany and Drake Bell for Lionel. I'm all for Drake as Lionel but find it unlikely Haaz would leave his great gay gig on Nurse Jackie for another Showtime series. Instead, I'd like to kindly suggest Maulik Pancholy as Hany. Maulik already has recurring roles on 30 Rock and Weeds...why not add another gay-inclusive comedy to his resume?